From the castle, we can also admire the beautiful view of the Gulf of Trieste and the Gulf of Koper – which was the (strategic) reason for building it. There is a Karst cave below the castle, which is connected to the courtyard of the castle.

The area around the castle is also registered as cultural landscape.

In the vicinity of the castle, you can also visit the Holy Cave – a Karst cave with the only underground church in Slovenia.

The legend says that the martyr of Trieste named St Servulus was hiding in it.

The entrance to the cave can be found in the woods near the castle.

You can visit the cave on Sundays at 2pm.

The Church of St Servulus was built between 1583 and 1607 and stands on the upper edge of the village.

The village is registered as settlement heritage in the Register of immovable cultural heritage of the Republic of Slovenia.