14.7.2023 FRIDAY

Calegaria – Istria

Calegaria, a group from Koper dedicated to the folk music tradition in the Istrian-Venetian language, is a band that was formed in Koper in the early 2000s with the aim of reviving one of the city’s roots, named after the picturesque main street in the old town, named after the old shoemakers who used to have a shop there. Calegaria has produced three CDs in collaboration with the Koper RTV centre and the Community of Italians Santorio Santorio from Koper, presenting traditional Istrian music in a form that, while respecting the original melodies, is closer to the sounds and musical tastes of today. The music thus becomes a cue for singing, dancing, laughing and socialising.

15.7.2023 SATURDAY

Enrico Ruggeri

They started in the early 1970s with Josafat, later moving into heavy metal when they formed Clover and then Champagne Molotov. In 1977, with the advent of punk, they took the name Decibel and recorded an unsuccessful album, which became a collector’s item. The second album, which featured their hit Contessa, was produced by Shel Shapiro. After his participation in the Sanremo Festival and a difficult period, Ruggeri continued his solo career and in 1983 achieved success with the album Polvere and the song Il mare d’inverno, sung by Loredana Bertè. He was recognised as a valuable author and many performers tried his songs (Mannoia, Bertè, Oxa, Fiordaliso). Some of the most beautiful Italian songs of the last forty years came from his pen: among them Si può dare di più, with which he won the Sanremo with Morandi and Tozzi, and Mannoia’s great classic Quello che le donne non dicono. His career, during which he has sold millions of copies of his records, has been marked by many collaborations, including international ones, and since 2006 he has also devoted himself to television, with several successful shows. In 2016, he reunited with Fulvio Muzio and Silvio Capeccio to reunite Decibel, recorded two albums and collaborated with them at the Sanremo Festival.