19.30 Pripovedno gledališče gdč. Bazilike: VES SVET JE MARMELADA
based on the story Debela Pekovka by Peter Svetina, puppets 3-4+

20:15: Urana Marchesini (It): Urana from another planet, acrobatic performance, for all

Pripovedno gledališče Gospodične Bazilike:

In this new show, Mistress Basilica travels the world and collects fresh stories. But this time, not everything goes according to plan. When she gets off at the station, she realises she’s lost all her luggage! Her suitcases full of dolls and stories are nowhere to be found, her umbrella is gone and worst of all – she can’t find her cow, Fox. When she reports her loss at the lost luggage counter, she is greeted by a large wooden crate. Although she claims it is a mistake because the crate is marked MARMELADA, she is overcome by sweetness. When she finally opens the box, she finds strange things inside – a train and a train station, a house that smells of doughnuts, a lantern, Margot and Frederik and, of course, marmalade. Basilika falls into the fairytale world described by Peter Svetina in his story “Debela pekovka”.

Urana Marchesini: actress, clown, acrobatic circus/theatre artist;
She has a 10-year competitive gymnastics and theatre background, which she has built on with circus arts, acting and commedia dell’arte. Interactive acrobatic comedy for all.