Teater Cizamo – Andrej Zupanc: PAZI KAKTUSSS! At 19.30, Hlavaty Park

Gaber is a cute clown in oversized trousers and overgrown shoes. He likes to be the best everywhere, and he likes to show it off even more. Even several times in one sentence, whether he needs to or not. At the same time, Gaber is an enthusiastic and passionate cactus breeder. Last year, he won the world, well, um, actually school competition for the most beautiful flowering cactus.

Will he do it again this year?
Will the president of the school gardening club manage to water Caesarus Maximus, as he immodestly named his little cactus, in time?

Gabro’s great spirit is, of course, not hindered by minor problems on the way to victory: empty water cans, falling trousers, a rainwater bucket tied to his head, jumping flower pots, spikes on the cactus and so on…

He will win, even if it means conjuring with pushpans, juggling with flower pots and building a real victory tower out of gardening paraphernalia!

A thrilling, laughter-filled and collaborative clown show!

Directed by Tina Janežič – Written by Tina Janežič, Andrej Zupanc – Costume design by Mateja Šušteršič – Acting by Andrej Zupanc – Co-produced by KUD Franc Kotar Trzin


Alex Mihailovski (Dk-SMk): Mr. Barti, puppets, 3+, For all!  At 20.15, Hlavaty Park

Mr. Barti is a puppet with many strings. He is a talented piano master who tries hard to give a perfect performance of his concerto, but is always distracted by the puppeteer Alex. Through various improvisations and even in the most difficult moments of the show, Mr Barti maintains his elegant charm and seduces his audience, flirting with beautiful girls and shaking hands with the serious men who have brought them to the show. In a flash, he transforms into a rock star and enthusiastically strums a fiery flamenco on the strings of a Spanish guitar… a famous puppeteer with an even more famous puppet, he is a regular guest at many festivals on all continents of the world, and every year he also likes to come to the PUF festival, where he is always welcomed again and again.

Mr. Barti