Rose lovers rarely have the opportunity to peek into the world of new rose creation. We will do so with the help of Irena Fabjan, an excellent amateur rose breeder. She has already registered five of her roses with the ICRA. She will be happy to describe to us her experience in breeding and registering new rose varieties.
The workshop will also delve into the distillation of roses, which is different from the distillation of other herbs. Eva Nedelko will explain why this is so, while you will be able to smell the fragrant blossoms of the roses you have picked. We will distil the fragrant roses in a 10 litre copper still, suitable for home kitchen use 🌸.
The workshop will be held for the first time, on the beautiful family estate The Hug of Nature in Dekani, full of large old rose bushes. Their old roses are more than worth a visit! 🥰
More about the workshop on the website:…/destilacija-in-sprehod-med…/
Organiser: EYWINEO Essential Oils