The fifth discussion evening of the Koper Agora, entitled Bilingualism Today, will take place on Monday, 22 May, at 7 pm at the Loggia café in Koper. The starting points for the discussion will be given by Alenka Likar and Dr Lara Sorgo, and the discussion will be moderated by Dr Vesna Mikolič. The discussion evenings are organised by the Slavic Association Koper, the Institute for Linguistic Studies, the Cultural and Educational Association PiNA, the Cultural and Sports Association of the Community of Italians Santorio Santorio Koper, the Youth Association of the Italian National Community.

In the past, the Koper Loggia was the city’s agora, a place where different opinions were confronted and social consensus was sought. We want to revive this traditional gathering at our discussion evenings in the relaxed, café-like atmosphere of the recently renovated town café. By discussing topical and relevant issues, we will build a sense of community while at the same time promoting a culture of dialogue that is sometimes sorely lacking. Topics will be shaped according to their topicality and will be proposed by citizens, institutions and organisations… We will encourage the active use of Slovene and Italian as the official languages of our environment. In this context, members of the Koper Slavic Society and the Institute of Linguistic Studies of the Koper Academy of Sciences will advise on the linguistic means that can be used to achieve effective and non-violent communication.