How many thoughts and feelings from who knows when and where do you carry in your body?
How do all these old thoughts and feelings affect your life?
What are some of the things you could choose differently now if all those old thoughts and feelings didn’t stress you out, make you nervous and burden you so much?

The body process from Access Consciousness® is completely relaxing and purely natural, where by laying hands on the body we activate energies that allow the body to unlock and release all the past thoughts and emotions that you have locked up in your body.

Removing past thoughts and emotions has proven in practice (this is feedback from clients) to be a wonderful process that has also enabled people to:
* end years of agonising grief
* free the mind to focus on everyday things
* change the way they look at themselves
* end long-standing exploitations
* eliminate stress and unnecessary worries
* improve self-esteem
* let go of old grudges
* improve interpersonal relationships
* change at work
* …

“For me this is my favourite process since accesso. Every time I run it on myself I can feel myself feeling better and all the old thoughts that have been weighing me down are gone. Now I sleep like a top and I am at peace within myself. I highly recommend it, you will be very happy.”
Petra, 45 years old

In this workshop you will learn how to activate in your body the process of Access Conscioussness by laying on your hands.
During the workshop you will receive and give the process once.
After the workshop you will receive a certificate that you are a certified practitioner and can independently perform the process on yourself and other people or animals.
The workshop is led by MAŠA PLAZNIK, a certified Access Bars® facilitator, certified Access Body® process facilitator, certified Access Energy Facelift® facilitator, who has also completed many advanced Access Consciousness® seminars.
Workshop price: 80 €
Children up to 15 years: free of charge when accompanied by an adult attending the workshop (please indicate at the time of registration if you have a child coming with you). Children from 15 – 18 years and anyone repeating the workshop: half price, 40 €
Duration: 3 hours
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