The Piran Coastal Galleries, in collaboration with Stripburger / Forum Ljubljana, continue the cycle of three solo exhibitions by renowned Slovenian comic authors (Marko Kociper, Andrej Štular and David Krančan). After last year’s exhibition of original comics with a spatial layout by Mark Kocipro entitled Jazbec and the Third World, this year’s exhibition by Andrei Štular will also be on display as part of the accompanying program of the TINTA Comic Book Festival. The main program of the festival will be held from 10 to 13 October at various venues in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia, starting from last year also in Koper. With its diverse program in the form of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, film screenings, comic book fairs and other events, it emphasizes the diversity and breadth of contemporary comic creativity.

Andrej Štular with the exhibition The Third Track confirms the first-class fitness, with which he tests the boundaries of various art fields, seasoned with relentless recycling and over-the-top ready-made tactics. Stular looks for what needs to be found; the rediscovered beauty of everyday matter and images transforms, under the artist’s fingers, into meaningful and lyrical creations that, with irony and humor, encroach on cultural and social historiate. The exhibition in Koper brings a diverse collection of works made in recent years: selected drawings, collages and objects, and especially short comics, as well as a selection of originals from older comic books.

ANDREJ STULAR (1967) connects various art techniques and media in his work. His own works, often the result of recycling and all sorts of alterations, often question the spheres of domestic psychopathology, as well as the human being, his identity and position in the structure of the modern world. Stular is an artist with an enviable mileage in the field of all marginal fine arts practices that manages to challenge the viewer with humor and freshness every time. He is a member of Ljubljana’s Strip Core collective and the Nebo Puppet Theater. He has received several awards for his work; in the recent period, among others, two awards for visual image – in Kazakhstan for the play Zrcalce (LG Nebo), and at the Biennale of Slovenian Puppet Makers in Maribor – a special award for puppetry approach and imaginative visual image for staging the story Let’s Run, the world breaks from a series of comic albums The beasties of Rezia in the comics!

INFO: Tatjana Sirk,, T 051 362 983