You are invited to a talk and presentation of the work of July resident Lea Jazbec.* The event will be moderated by Tina Saražin from the Srečka Vilhar Central Library. The event will take place in front of the studio of the House of Alojz Kocjančič – address: 62a Kubed.

* The conceptual project Meje, Zidovi in Razpoke (Borders, Walls and Cracks) by Lea Jazbec (1979, SLO) in Kubed is site- and space-specific and is a continuation of her work, with elements of her previous works closely intertwined with the new production. The research and artistic production is conceptually and technically oriented towards the continuation of last year’s site-specific project »Polno in Prazno« (“Full and Empty”), at the Sečovlje Salt Pans, where Jazbec connects the delicate soils of the Sečovlje landscape through printmaking. This time in Kubed, the use of frottage allows the artist to document the traces of time “inscribed” in the karst soil and stone, and demonstrates a strong interest in the unique qualities of soil and existing matter, its corporeality and essence, through which she is able to express current thinking in relation to nature and the human condition, which are recurring themes in the artist’s practice.
Through experimental photography, video and installation, with camero obscuro (project-“Rekonstrukcija projicirane slike” (“Reconstruction of a projected image”), (2018 – 2022), winning project, awarded the artist residency at the Adams Centre for Experimental Photography in Rome in 2021), where light, space and above all movement are the protagonists, captured in the transformed aperture of the classic camero obscuro aperture into a line, the artist documents time and the landscape, and invites the viewer to see the world in a different way.

(Lea Jazbec) Explores human existence through contrasting correlations such as past and future, vertical and horizontal, hidden and visible, static and in motion. Her focus is on public space, works and projects with site-specific and spatial content, as well as projects related to natural, cultural and industrial heritage and abandoned spaces in need of revitalisation.