Slovenia is the Region of Gastronomy 2021, which is why cuisine, sustainable development of gastronomy and promotion of gastronomic tourism are in the forefront this year. In Koper, a number of gastronomy activities are combined under the brand name Altroke Istra.

The introduction to the diverse gastronomic events was the innovative product of Altroke Istra by Vinakoper.

You can also see the exhibit Taste of Koper at the open-air gallery on Kidrič street in Koper, in May the Altroke Istra by Sladka Istra begins, between June and September, every last Thursday of the month, events in the city and the countryside will be enriched by the Altroke Istra Gourmet Festival, a completely renovated Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Koper will also come to life before the summer in the Praetorian Palace, with a shop of typical Istrian products, and as part of the Altroke Istra campaign, attractive videos and photos of catering providers from Koper were also created.

Altroke Istra by Vinakoper is an innovative product that launched rich gastronomic events in 2021 in Koper.

The article was created in cooperation of Vinakoper, Lucifer Chocolate, Municipality of Koper and the Koper Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism and the Piran Coastal Galleries, which introduced the artistic spirit into the story.

The limited edition of Easter chocolate eggs, caught in the embrace of the sweet Treasures of Istria refosco line offers not only a unique intertwining of flavours, but also gives an unforgettable experience – visiting the Vinakoper wine cellar with wine tasting for two people.

The fusion of perfect tastes is complemented with a unique appearance, which is the result of the creative spirit of the renowned artist Lara J. Marconi.

Altroke Istra by Sladka Istra is a promotional campaign that takes place in cooperation with Istrian providers of sweet delicacies. From May to the end of the year, one Istrian catering provider with its altroke desserts is at the forefront every month.

Sladka Istra (Sweet Istria) is the sweetest event in Slovenia, traditionally held in September. But since Istria has many great sweet treats to offer throughout the year, one patisserie, café or catering provider from Slovenian Istria with selected Istrian desserts is at the forefront every month. Purchasing selected desserts (for 20 EUR) at participating cafés and patisseries brings a free visit of the Koper’s Bell Tower (2 tickets) and, as part of the Altroke Istra by Sladka Istra promotional campaign, you can also participate in two interesting prize games on the Facebook and Instagram social networks.

The Altroke Istra Gourmet Festival is a great opportunity to taste Istrian cuisine.

This is a series of events taking place at various urban and rural locations in Koper.

The next event will take place at the Tito Square on the 2nd of December (from 11.00 to 20.00).

The festival is organised by the Koper Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism in cooperation with the Slovenian Istrian Winegrowers’ Association.

In addition to excellent Istrian cuisine, Altroke Istra also offers the possibility of participating in prize games and winning attractive prizes.

As part of Altroke Istra by Sladka Istra, the prize games take place on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

As part of Altroke Istra, the Koper Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism in cooperation with photographer Jaka Ivančič and Kleva films, produced professional videos and photographs of the best and most recognisable catering establishments in Koper, which will contribute to a more effective promotion of local catering.

One of the activities within Altroke Istra is the renovation of the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) Koper in the Praetorian Palace, where a shop of typical Istrian products will come to life.

Many activities related to gastronomy will also take place as part of the operation Gastronomic Treasures of Istria and the Sea – MARISTRA.