Path map

  1. We turn right from the parking place with the information board and move towards village, where a signpost directs us among the houses and ahead to the forest and a shorter and steeper mountain trail on Slavnik.
  2. We climb gradually through the forest, cross the narrow strip cut through a forest which prevents the fire to spread and continue up towards the peak. Be careful in case the ground is wet.
  3. Upper, where the forest ends, we start to climb more steeply through some pine trees where the path turns northeast  and passes on wide meadows in the direction of the. In spring time, the meadows transform in plains full of saffron, as the first harbingers of spring, followed by gentians, alpine pasqueflowers and daffodils. The lovers of alpine flowers are enchanted by peonies, irises, pale yellow louseworts, Carniolan lilies, burning-bushes and yellow gentians, in a word, a luxury of colours and shapes.
  4. The path continues over the meadow to the foothills of the peak. From here, a marvellous view opens towards south and west, the path straightens and leads us towards the mountain hut Tumova koča with the high tower of antennas underneath the peak. On clear days, the view reaches the peaks of the Alps of Kamnik, Julian Alpas and Carniola Alps, Dolomites, the peaks of Čičarija, Učka and Snežnik. Below us we can see Brkini, Ččarija, a Karst plateau, the hills of Šavrinsko gričevje and the glittering blue of the Adriatic Sea. The rose of wind with all main directions helps us orient better.
  5. Owerhelmed by all the beauty, we can rest and refresh in the shelter of the mountain hut Tumova Koča opened mainly during weekends and holidays.
  6. For the return we can choose a slightly longer and gentler path which is also part of the European footpath E6 and is partly modified into a forest road.
  7. We take the same road from the mountain hut back, but follow the signs towards left which directs us on a new track that becomes steeper at the edge of the forest. The path which is more steep and winding at first becomes gentle as it moves towards the valley.
  8. Afterwards the path makes a sharp turn towards northwest and sweep gently to the village.
  9. When we reach the asphalt between the houses, we follow same road as for the ascent and return to the parking place where this interesting circular path ends.

Path altimetry