1. The path starts on the village square in front of the church of St. Magdalena, where also stands the information board. Along the track we always follow the yellow arrows and the nice coloured mushrooms which mark the observation spots along the path.
  2. We start straight ahead towards northeast, passing by the church of St. Magdalena on our right and the watering place on the left.
  3. The path continues towards the last house before the wooded hillside, where we turn left behind the house and becomes a nice path which starts to climb more steeply towards east, along the wooded slope of the crest Kuk-Lačna. Along the lower part of the hillside, we can observe the deep ditches, result of the erosion of the flysch ground.
  4. Higher, the path climbs, in few turns, up the limestone crest with the peaks Kuk and Lačna. From there, we continue straight ahead and reach a wide cartroad (which connects Rakitovec over Kuk above Movraž, climbs to Lačna and descends to Kubed).
  5. At the cartroad, we turn left and continue towards the crossroad, where the path descends down towards Smokvica.
  6. We continue straight ahead until reaching the cave Špilja (sign: jama-cave) and lightly climb to the small interesting cave at the edge of the limestone crest. The cave is a short tunnel through the rocky edge; this creation of nature is particularly interesting for children.
  7. After the visit of the cave, we return along the same path to the crossroads, where we sweep down until a yellow arrow directs us left towards the village.
  8. A narrow cartroad leads us towards the first houses below the forest, where we have started our ascent. Here, we turn right and sweep on the village square – our starting point.
  9. After this pleasant walk, we can also visit the village of interesting houses with wooden external staircases (baladurji) and the renovated Bržan house with the semicircular front gate.