1. The walk starts next to the sports field, where there is a composition of stone sculptures intended for children’s play and their imagination. From here we head towards the main road. On the right side there is an information board with a map of the stone sculptures. You can check it out to get some more useful information.
  2. Otherwise, turn left on the main road. Soon we turn left again towards the village church, where the second sculpture is placed in the immediate vicinity of the farewell chapel.
  3. From here we turn to the main road and continue our walk in a clockwise direction. The path takes us under the village to the third sculpture – Pr’ šterna (at the well).
  4. Now there is some more walking ahead along the main road until we turn right onto the forest cart track. This route was once called the Carniola route. Along it, the “Kranjci” (Carniola) freighters ascended via Dragonja to Piran and traded various goods. From here on, the terrain climbs slightly ultil we reach the main road above the village of Popetre. We continue along the main road to the left to the fourth sculpture, which is located pr’ puča (at the pond).
  5. There, you have now visited four of the five sculptures installed. The last artistic and artisan’s creation names Pr’ belega kamna (at the white stone) is placed at the intersection of the main and reagional roads at the entrance to the village from the direction of Sv. Anton or the hamlet of Beli kamen. If you have not seen the sculpture yet, take the main road back to the village. At the first Y intersection, take a sharp left and go to the aforementioned intersection. Again, return to the village along the main road to the starting point on the sports field.