The event programme will take place between 10 am and 9 pm:

10.00 musical overture by MerengeDJ
10.30 Children’s programme – Sam Sebastian
11.30 Folklore group Oljka
12.00 Gedore
14.00 MerengeDJ
15.00 Theatre group Dekani
16.00 Children’s programme – Sam Sebastian
17.00 Klapa Capris
18.00 Gedore
20.30 – 21.00 MerengeDJ

The event will be hosted by Lara Pirc.

The Coastal Mountaineering Association will organise a hike on this occasion.

The hikers will gather at Socerb Castle at 9:00. The route is easy, 9 km long (about 3 hours of slow walking). During the hike, hikers will see the remains of the fortified World War I positions below Ocizla, part of the T.I.G.R. Trail, the village of Ocizla itself and the cave below the village of Beka. Hikers should bring snacks and drinks. Contact for registration or information:

The organisers ask visitors to observe the traffic regime and the instructions of the traffic controllers in order to avoid traffic jams. There will be one-way traffic on the dirt road from Socerb towards the main road to Kastelec.