In addition to well-organised pedestrian walkways, Koper also provides a dog beach. It is located at the end of the Semedela promenade, away from other bathing sites and equipped with all the necessary infrastructure that allows dogs to cool down.

Dogs can also run and play in the dog park which is located near the town centre (in Semedela, between the Badaševica river mouth, the expressway and the Semedela exit). The park has a fence all around it and is equipped with a water fountain for dogs as well as benches for the owners to rest. The park can be accessed by car since there is a large parking lot in the immediate vicinity. Due to the proximity of the town centre, it is also accessible on foot.

A fenced lawn with water fountains is arranged as part of the city park along the Semedela promenade for you to walk your four-legged friends.

There is also a nice dog park in the park opposite the Muda Gate, where fresh water is always available in addition to a dog relief area.

The city is also very well equipped with bins for dog excrements.

Your four-legged friends are welcome in various types of accommodation and in most restaurants.

In Koper, you will also find dog salons and shops with food and equipment for small animals.

Veterinary care is provided as well.

Below, you’ll find a list of veterinary clinics in the Municipality of Koper:

Just like in other cities, dogs should be kept on a leash in Koper (with the exception of the dog park) and it is obligatory to clean up after them.