Choose one of the three adventures in which you will get to know the village of Marezige, the so-called Land of the Refosco Wine.

The village of Marezige is seen as the heart of the Land of Refosco. Discover its history, try the local olive oil, breathe in the fresh Istrian air and visit the oldest vineyard in the Slovenian Istria. To finish your adventure, stop at the wine fountain to admire the breathtaking sunset and enjoy a dinner with delicacies from the Karjola restaurant.

Marezige can also be an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding villages. You can take the Wine Bus to visit Truške, Trsek, Lopar, Montinjan and other interesting spots in the surrounding areas, or you can board the articulated bus, which will take you to Hrastovlje, the Škocjanski zatok nature reserve and Koper with its biggest wine cellar in Slovenian Istria – Vinakoper.

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