“An evening of tango music”

Matjaž Porovne – violin
Jan Sever – piano
Marko Turšič – double bass
Ratko Žižić – bandoneon

Quatro Por Tango is a group of four musicians who each in their own way fell in love with tango. And when you fall in love with tango, there is only one way: you have to play it. Its sensual passion is completely addictive and its lyricism opens up parts of your soul you never knew existed before.
Tango can be many things; it can be a way of life, it can be a dance or it can be music. The members of Quatro Por Tango are primarily dedicated to the musical side of tango. Astor Piazzolla’s music plays an important role in this, as he so successfully combined elements of classical music, jazz and traditional tango in his “Tango nuevo” (New Tango), helping to establish tango music on concert stages all over the world.
After fifteen years of playing together, in October 2022 they released their first album “Tribute to Astor Piazzolla”, which summarises part of their ironclad programme in a permanent document.