Among the many klapa evenings in Slovenia, the Festival of Klapa singing in Koper is unique, as it presents mostly acapella performances of singing, both of folk and artistic origin. In addition to the organisers of the event, the Female Klapa Fritule, the 5th Klapa Festival will also host two male klapas from Slovenia, the San Lorenzo klapa from Piran and the Galeb klapa from Cerknica, as well as renowned klapas from Croatia, the female klapa Ladesta from Lastovo, the outstanding female klapa Luka from Rijeka, and one of the oldest and best known male klapas from Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, the Ošjak klapa.

The Fritule female klapa invites you! An unforgettable evening of beautiful harmonies in Slovenian, Croatian and Italian awaits you.