Hiša otrok in umetnosti: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 2+ , Park Hlavaty at 10:30

Zlatolaska in trije medvedi – Lutkovno gledališče FRU-FRU (frufru.si)

A fairy tale about a curious girl who gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a neat little house that has been temporarily abandoned by the bear family, this story is hugely popular with children and adults alike. What child isn’t curious about what goes on behind someone else’s door? What child doesn’t enjoy the temporary absence of their parents when they can explore their secrets? What child doesn’t want a peek into the adult world? Children love the way the little girl peeps curiously and enters strange places, but adults love it because the fairy tale warns children in a simple way that they must respect other people, their belongings and their privacy.

Story: English folk tale – Adapted and directed by IRENA RAJH, AJDA ROOSS – Acting and animation by IRENA RAJH, KATJA POVŠE – Art by PETER ŠKERL – Music by NINO DE GLERIA – Lyrics: KIM KOMLJANEC – Lighting: TOMAŽ ŠTRUCL – Puppet and set design: ANDREJ ADAMEK, IZTOK HRGA, MATEJA ŠUŠTERŠIČ, NEVA VRBA – Costume design: IZTOK HRGA – Music: JELENA ŽDRALE, ÁRPÁD BALÁZS -PIRI