Gusarsko gledališče kapitana Dade (Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre)
interactive street performance for children aged 3 +

Captain Dada is without a ship and crew, his expedition’s destination has faded from his memory, he has no map to the treasure, he has no compass or sextant, but he has a bad hangover and seasickness… a lying parrot has escaped, not to mention the monkey… because he has no right leg, he gets up with his left… What does the audience suggest?

Captain Dada’s Pirate Theatre is an interactive theatre adventure for family audiences, inspired by the legends of sea robbers and avant-garde artistic movements of the early 20th century. Two actors will use physical play, absurdist humour and surreal twists and turns to draw the whole audience into the whirlwind of an unpredictable treasure hunt!