Adriavox is a musical duo composed of Marino Kranjac from Koper and Andrea Alessio from Trieste.

The programme of this very special concert will consist of urban folk songs from Koper, Izola and Piran, mostly in the local Istrian-Venetian dialect, with a special emphasis on songs with a maritime theme. Adriavox with the release of their new album “O senti, tamburin!” and the evenings of spontaneous singing of folk songs in the context of the Italian community Santorio-Santorio from Koper, revives forgotten folk songs and thus preserves the cultural identity and heritage of our coastal towns.

They will perform on a traditional fishing vessel, the last of its kind built in Koper. In their performance, they convey the serene Mediterranean character of our towns, whose inhabitants were more connected to the sea in the past than today. The performers accompany the singing of the songs with instruments such as guitar, mandolin, diatonic accordion triestina and mouth accordion.

The event is funded by a call for proposals from the Municipality of Koper.