ANNALIZED: voice, distortion, bands
NOISE: snare, effects, mixing console without input

Annalisa Pascai Saiu, Sardinian transdisciplinary artist is a ritual performer, poet, singer, improviser, visual artist, independent and underground curator and organizer of NOISE DELIVERY and PROGETTOHECATE.
The artist shapes her interpellation of Sardinian impro poets and sound flow. Through interdisciplinary approaches she tells mythological stories intertwined with traditional Sardinian stories, magic formulas, prayers, philosophical, mystical, theological themes. He alternates and mixes his language with Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Greek and Sardinian in a flow that is always improvised and site-specific, attentive to what comes from the place, subtle and physical.
All this is perfectly intertwined at the semantic level of meaning and signifier with the gestural and sonic explorations of another artist of the duo, Emilio Bernè aka noiose. Noiose originates from a combination of deconstructive techniques alongside the idea of simulating mistakes with the authenticity of individual psychism.
They will start their european tour in Libertas.