BUNGA stand up nights continue their march into 2024!

During the year, we organise one funny BUNGA night every month. The host of the night is an experienced and well-known comedian from the scene, who gives a chance to less established comedians. These nights are a treat for comedians and comedy fans alike, because you never know how it will turn out. You might see a better performance from an unestablished comedian than the host, or a total miss. In the first case, the audience laughs, in the second case, the comedians laugh.
Definitely situations worth being there for, if nothing else to say to a colleague at work ” Hey, you know what happened at Bunga?”

BUNGA #45 will be hosted by Marko Žerjal!

Tim Andric
Nicolas Moulin
David Gorinšek
Ervin Šišić
Tadej Cunder
Blaž Curk
Glafira Todorovic