The marriage of Jana and Peter Dorek, a typical middle-aged couple with a well-groomed façade, properly educated and well-off, has been creaking for some time. They could have solved their problems, similar to those of many couples, but since they have reached a point where they no longer know how to move forward, they summon up the courage to see a partnership counsellor with many years of experience. The therapist provides them with a whole range of different psychological exercises to improve communication, which, after the initial steps, trigger an avalanche of mutual recriminations. Jana is the one who always knows in advance what her husband is going to say, and her thick-wittedness often ensures that Peter does not get a word in edgewise. Jana’s pent-up feelings come to light. Throughout their marriage, she has felt left out and neglected, never forgiving Peter for jumping over the fence. But a bitter Peter returns the favour, because she too once indulged in a lover… But it’s not just the couple who are in trouble – it seems that the partnership counsellor is in trouble too. Will they be able to save their relationship in a session with an experienced therapist? We won’t give that away, but we can tell you that they are in for a turbulent journey that turns out to be a great comedy.