You are cordially invited to an electronic experience of specific proportions that will take you from Poseidon to Pluto, and back to the grid to drink caffeine with Amon Ra.
From France comes the icon of the IDM scene, Baptiste Lagrave, while from Slovenia’s valley of roller skates comes the blue arrow, the queen of fast rhythms and endless energy, Raketa.

When the music starts, Baptiste Lagrave takes us into a deep introspection made by resilience and meticulousness.
He started composing very early in his life, due to his classical training playing the violin and the piano. After graduating from the prestigious National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, he left to study music production at the USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles. He also worked at the mythical Motorbass Studio where he found himself in the front row of Cassius Creative process with Philippe Zdar.
Baptiste is also a film music composer, you could recently catch his music on TV shows Irma Vep (OCS), The Anarchists (HBO) or Loot (Apple TV). He pursues his creative process by writing the music for an upcoming short film.
Baptiste Lagrave draws his contrasting influences on artists ranging from Franz Schubert, François de Roubaix, Boards of Canada or Jon Hopkins. His first EP Empty, which had great feedback and was featured on French media such as Tsugi and Les oreilles curieuses also had a fair share of radio plays on French and German radio stations such as FIP and BVR.
Stream link EMPTY EP: https://bfan.link/empty-5
Stream link PULSIONS EP: https://bfan.link/pulsions

RAKETA (electro)
Raketa is a bouncy DJ of ghetto and bass dance genres, but her favourite is electro. Her playground for exploring club culture is the original show Vibe check, and she has just started a residency at the Belgian radio label Black Teeth. She comes from a recent tour of India as winner in the over 160BPM category.

– Under 30s: €5
– young people from 31 years: 8€
*Event made possible by the Koper Youth Centre and the Municipality of Koper.*