You are kindly invited to the European Cadet Cup 2023 on  28th and 29th  October 2023, in the sports hall of the Koper Primary School.

On this occasion, the 30th anniversary of the Judo Club 15. maj Marezige will be celebrated.

Judo Federation of Slovenian Istria  unites 3 clubs: the Judo Club Izola, the Judo Club 15.maj Marezige and the Judo Club Ankaran, which will continue their common path in the framework of the sports school of Iztok Babič, the long- time coach and founder.

The outstanding achievements in the 30-year period of the judo club:

-organisation of three European Judo Championships (Cadet – 2009 and two in Judo Kata – 2012 and 2017). From 2017 onwards – organisation of five European Cadet Cups in Judo;

– Andreja Leški and Luka Perkovič have been training in judo sports school for 10 years under the guidance of coach Iztok Babič, both of them now achieving top results at international level; Andreja Leški is world champion twice;

– the coach, Iztok Babič is the author of two books, professional literature in the field of sports coaching for children and youth.