Traditional fiera in Koštabona! The first in Slovenian Istria with a rich programme for all generations and two unforgettable parties guaranteed until the early hours of the morning. Invited!

Sabato, 8.04.2023
● 15.30: DUŠAN PUCER MEMORIAL football field Koštabona
● 21.00: Dance with the Tequila band and Ne me jugat in the Koštabona tent

Domenica, 9.04.2023 – Vezon
● 10.30: Solemn Holy Mass, parish church of St. Cosmas and Damjan Koštabona.
● 15.00: BRISCOLADA in the village centre.
● 16.00: PLAY IN THE DOMESTIC DIALECT – Theatre play Mi u zelene monture KD Alojz Kocjančič in dialect, directed by Viktorija Pucer Štromar.
● 21.00: Dance with the Koktelsi and Tu i tamo bands in the tent

Lunedì, 10.04.2023 – Kuzmovo
● 14.00: Football match (married-unmarried) at the football field
on the football field.
● 17.00: Solemn Holy Mass. Mass of Holy Mass of Kuzma. After the Mass, sacred concert by the Dekani Church Choir, choirmaster Matej Lazar.
● 18.00: MORI Championship in the Koštabona Tent

Organised by the Castrum Bonae Tourist Board in cooperation with the Alojz Kocjančič Tourist Board, the Dragonja Koštabona Football Club, the local community of Šmarje and the Municipality of Koper.