Živalske novice (Animal News) puts on stage the characters and stories created by the popular contemporary children’s and young adult writer Primož Suhodolčan, known among readers for his playful humour and the action comedy he uses to tell his stories, as a series of short stories for the youngest readers.

The show features five of his short “action comedies”, namely Dolgčas okužil muhele (Boredom Infects the Flies), Trave ni, krave znorele (No Grass, Cows Gone Crazy), Vojna za travo (War for Grass), Raca spet padla z neba (The Duck Fell from the Sky Again) and Lepo je biti papagaj (It’s Nice to Be a Parrot). In all of these episodes, the main character is the likable, sometimes awkward, but always original boy Primož, who repeatedly gets involved in tense, unpredictable and amusing peripeties with unusual animal characters. The production is full of situational comedy and caricatured characters, which, in addition to providing plenty of fun, also provide an enlightening punchline.

The adaptation is directed by Ajda Valcl, who has successfully designed several productions for children and young people, most recently Emil in detektivi (Emil and the Detectives) (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre), which was awarded Best of Show at the 2015 Pika Festival in Velenje and the Zlata paličica Festival in Ljubljana.