Istrian musicians have come together to help their compatriots in the affected areas.

The municipalities of Istria are also joining the wave of charity that has swept through Slovenia. Coastal musicians immediately expressed their sympathy and solidarity and decided to help as best they could. So on Sunday, 3 September, they will gather in Koper’s Tito Square and play a magnificent charity concert.

Anika Horvat, Aleksander Novak, Booom!, Drago Mislej Mef, Drill, Easy, Faraoni, Gedore, Gregor Ravnik, Klapa Semikanta, Lara Baruca, Lean Kozlar Luigi, Lea Sirk, Masayah, Ne me jugat, Paul Grem, Platana, Primorski fantje (Primorski fantje), Rudi Bučar, Slavko Ivančić, Tinkara Kovač, Tulio Furlanič, Zmelkoow, Žiga Rustja, Žavbi brothers.

The concert will be broadcast by Radio Koper and Radio Capris.

All proceeds will be donated to children and adolescents from flooded areas, in cooperation with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth.

Let’s unite and help.

We are all in the same boat. We are all one heart.

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In case of bad weather, the concert will take place in Arena Bonifika.