Quiz! Stranger things!💥💥💥

Sometimes strange things happen in the world. Boys disappear into other dimensions, cities are overrun by creatures from iconic role-playing games, and some kids have strange powers. Can you spot a city where this has happened?

Join us for a new themed quiz night (now known as Kviznis) on Tuesday 24 October at 6pm. This time, the questions will be related to the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

In 2016, the directors, the Duffer brothers, first introduced us to the series, which exudes a love of 80s culture, Dungeons and Dragons, mysticism and darkness. The Stranger Things series is one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

This quiz is for fans of the series who want to test their knowledge of this dark world. It will be live and participants will answer via their phones. There will also be themed prizes of all varieties. Participate individually or in groups.

The number of participants is limited to 25 people, so please sign up on 🔗the registration form!

See you in the inverted world!