A competition for all lovers of the “home-made spoon” will be held in Škofije. Teams will compete in cooking dishes that are eaten with a spoon.

The event will also be enriched by a rich accompanying programme, namely:

  • a treasure hunt for children and a clean-up campaign around Škofije,
  • at 16:00 Sten Vilar’s children play “KO BOM BELIK BOM”,
  • at 17:00 Fashion show for every day,
  • at 17:30 Family torchlight march,
  • at 17:45 Spanish dancers,
  • at 18:00 dancing with the band LISJAKI,
  • at 18:30 Anja Herc with “Dancing with Fire”,
  • + rich lottery, prosciutto weight determination, free food tasting, evening torchlight hike.