Concert dates:
15th October 2023 at 20.00 Manuel Tomadin (IT)
29th October 2023 at 19.00 Elena Privalova (RU)
5th November 2023 (anniversary of the blessing) at 19.00 Mirko Butkovič (SI)
9th November 2023 at 19.30 Istvàn Bàtori (HU)

Koper Organ Festival 2023

The Parish of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Koper will once again organise the traditional Organ Festival Koper 2023. On the occasion of the second anniversary of the installation of the new organ of the Koper Cathedral, artists from many European countries will take part. The new organ has brought enrichment and many new opportunities in the fields of music education, recreation, international networking, appreciation and the presentation of cultural heritage.