Every Saturday at 8:30 p.m., enjoy live music 🎺 at Tito Square with your favorite 🍹cocktail and a snack.
Program of events:
🔸 25.6. Laura Clemente and Andrea Girardo: night with pop & rock
🔸 2.7. Manca Kozlovič and Gabrijel Juriševič: Soul & r’n’b music
🔸 9.7. Lovro Mirth: Soul and r’n’b with vocal velvet and piano accompaniment
🔸 16.7. Tsikàrim: An evening of traditional Greek music with bouzouki, guitar and double bass
🔸 23.7. Matej Mittendorfer and Jan Fanedl: A nostalgic journey through the 60s and 70s with vocals and guitars
🔸 30.7. Toopeopleduo: Pop, soul and funk hits with punchy vocals and guitar
🔸 6.8. Margherita Baggi Trio: Playful vocals accompanied by piano and double bass in funk and jazz lines
🔸 13.8. Matej Mittendorfer and Zina Ban: A combination of emotional ballads and party hits in a vocal-guitar guise
🔸 20.8. Jan Lovšin Trio: Velvet vocals accompanied by piano and double bass with jazz standards
🔸 27.8. Brata Jurca: Dynamic guitars between gypsy jazz and pop in a special guise
Welcome to our sunny terrace!