Family meowsical
Andrej Rozman Roza
Puss in Boots

Directed by: Vito Taufer
Authors of music: Nana Forte, Jure Ivanušič
Co-production: Mladinsko Theatre and Theatre Koper

Puss in Boots is a story about Matic, the miller’s son, whose only inheritance after his father’s death was “Fritz the house cat”. But the cat soon turns out to be an invaluable companion, because with his resourcefulness he helps Matic win the heart of the beautiful princess Marjetica, beat the evil count Brdavšek she is betrothed to, and finally ascend the throne.

Andrej Rozman Roza leaned on the well known tale, but he expanded it, put it into rhymes and modernised it into a “family meowsical” which in its multi-layered structure has something to offer to everyone: magic and dynamic events to children, witty and socio-critical puns to adults, and joy of life, music and dance to all.

The show is 65 min long and starts at 9 PM.
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