Actor Igor Štamulak likes to read fairy tales, but he prefers to read them or tell them to other, younger children. Together with them, he lets his imagination run wild, so he sometimes improves the fairy tale, adds a new beginning or ending, invents a new character, makes the fairy tale even more beautiful and offers those who manage to “jump” into it the chance to enter the magical world of theatre.

This time Igor will “go” to Carinthia, where you will find a fairy tale about a girl who, while sweeping the house, finds a little pygmy and buys a squeaky toy for herself, under which the forest animals take refuge because of the cold and frost. You guessed it! You will hear the fairy tale of Mojca Pokrajculja. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s also the story of why a rabbit’s front paws are shorter than its back paws.