We invite you to meet Brina Svit and discuss her new book Uporni bicikli (Rebellious Bicycles).

Internationally acclaimed writer Brina Svit sets her new book, Uporni bicikli (Rebellious Bicycles), in a time of pandemics, protests and empty streets, which undoubtedly characterizes the protagonist.

It is a story between a woman and a man, Nastja, who comes to Ljubljana from Paris, and Tobias, a Belgian journalist who is covering the protests of Slovenian civil society. “Things are happening here. […] I’m interested in where the world is going,” says Tobias. The main character finds herself facing the loss of love, pain and loneliness. But social developments, the mobilization of civil society, which is becoming a political factor, and Tobias, who speaks of a spirit of rebellion that persists and strengthens, awaken new challenges in her.

Brina Svit is an award-winning writer, screenwriter, director and journalist who has lived in Paris since 1980. The conversation with the author will be moderated by journalist Neva Zajc.

You are cordially invited.