You are kindly invited to visit the painting exhibition of Zvonka Pacek, the recipient of the award for artistic achievement at the IX. Extempore in the old town of Koper, which was carried out in June 2019.Zvonka Pacek’s painting attracts with its dedication to the essence of the motif and the abandonment of details, with the calm language of color, reduced to the predominant basic tone and the perfect scale of undertones of the same color. Its landscapes remain recognizable and, despite all the simplifications, reflect the main characteristics of the motifs. He chooses landscape motifs in the Slovenian landscape and in the Adriatic landscapes, and conveys a special atmosphere of inner experience of motifs on his canvases.Zvonka Pacek’s solo painting exhibition was made possible by the Municipality of Koper, the organizer of the art extempore in the old town of Koper. The exhibition will be on view on the ground floor of the Pretorian Palace until 23 September 2020.