Igor is an actor at the Koper Theatre and a traveller who has been around the world many times. He likes to tell children about his travels, especially his nephew Mako, a first-grader who always listens to his uncle with his mouth and eyes open. And because Mak also wants to see a bit of this big world, Igor invites him to get on a plane and fly to England.In London, Mak learns many interesting things, including why the English drive on the left, the correct way to greet the King, what kind of tea they drink at five o’clock in the afternoon, the meaning of small talk and who the legendary Robin Hood was.

And how does the journey end? In the English way, with an invitation to a Saturday morning tea, to which everyone who sees the show is invited.

Igor Štamulak, Jaka Ivanc


The performance lasts 40 minutes; there is no interval.