Foto: Jošt Gantar, STO

Take a walk through the Belgramoni Tacco Palace (from the 17th century) where the museum also has its headquarters, and experience the splendour and the beauty of the Renaissance and Baroque eras in Koper.

In the main museum building, you will be able to see the archaeological collection, the art collection, the historical and cultural collection, as well as the modern history collection, while the museum gallery in the neighbouring building located at Kidričeva Street 23a hosts temporary exhibitions, organised by the museum or prepared in the framework of a guest exhibition.

The museum also offers a virtual experience: through special glasses, you will be able to see certain works of art in 3D. (These visits are held according to a predetermined schedule.)

The museum also offers a free application presenting the museum events.

Findings from both the prehistoric and the Roman era are displayed in the museum; its wonderful garden (lapidarium) and the museum hall (piano nobile) also provide wonderful backdrops for certain events.

The museum unit in Ilirska Bistrica and the permanent exhibition on display at Prem Castle also function under the auspices of the Regional Museum of Koper, as does the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (Kidričeva Street 23a) where temporary exhibitions can be admired.