Approximately 100 metres to the south, Nova Gabrovica was founded after the Second World War, a nucleated village registered as settlement heritage.

Archaeological sites bear witness to human activities as early as in the prehistorical and Roman age.

In the village, there is the medieval Church of St Nicholas, and you can also see a waterhole and place for washing laundry (well preserved water capture of drinking water in a stone reservoir; at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries) and an old fountain from 1762.

In the Register of immovable cultural heritage of the Republic of Slovenia, the area of Gabrovica-Osp is registered as historical landscape.

In this area, historical events took place which were important for the progress of the National Liberation War (NOB) in the Slovenian Istria. Several buildings are preserved, which prove all of these events.

During the Second World War, “tehnika Žena” was founded here, a special technique for the needs of anti-fascist women’s organisation. The premises were in the bunker of one of the houses. Also this bunker (a preserved part of the house in which the Partisan organisation “tehnika Žena” was active) is entered in the above mentioned register.