It is a nucleated village with homesteads in lines that form closed environment with its courtyards. The construction is characterised by typical balconies (gank), covered terraces (baladur), fireplace extensions, chimneys, stone reinforcements, window shelfs (erta) and skimmed corners.

On the edge of the village, there stands a simple single-nave church with flat ceiling and flat presbytery – the Church of St Martin.

The place was first mentioned in 1028, but also here, the archaeological sites bear witness to ancient settlements.

This village too was important throughout the history. The region around “Frenkov bunker” in Hrpeljce is considered a historic area, a place of a historical event, and is also registered as historical landscape. In 1944, the command of the city of Koper set up its camp here (in the canyon below the hanging wall of the mountain torrent) and had its headquarters until May 1945.