We kindly invite you to join us on the 50th anniversary of the Refoška and Slovenian Istria Festival, which will take place between 20 May 2022 and 22 May 2022 in Marezige.

The event will be marked by a diverse cultural, entertainment and culinary program, which will be intended for various age categories. Each day of the event will have its own theme and slogan.

FRIDAY, May 20, 2022
On Friday, we will start the event at 8 pm, when winemakers will offer tastings of award-winning wines. At the same time, the locals will present their culinary delicacies of Istrian cuisine. An hour later, at 9 pm, the beginning of the entertainment program is planned, which will be marked by a concert by Mladen Grdović – a cult Dalmatian singer.

SATURDAY, 5/21/2022
We will open the varied Saturday event at 10 am with the traditional Refoška Cup in Balinanj. An hour later, the gates of Marežgan Kanava will open, where guests will be able to try award-winning wines and other culinary delicacies of Istrian cuisine. The Refoška festival is by no means real without the performance of the Mareziga Orchestra, which is scheduled for 4 p.m. This will be followed by a traditional walk between Refoška and Istrian cuisine. At 8 pm we will toast and enjoy the performance of the legendary Platana Group and guests such as Slavko Ivančič, Klapa Semikanta, Stevo Vujič and many others. At 00:00, a party with the Tequila Group will take us deep into the night!

SUNDAY, May 22, 2022
Sunday morning will be marked by a tasting of award-winning wines and tasting of the delicacies of Istrian cuisine, which in the afternoon will turn into a walk among the vineyards of Refoška and Istrian cuisine. At 4 pm we will witness the proclamation of the champion of Refoška and at the same time the coronation of the king of Refoška, ​​which will be performed by members of the Association of the Slovenian Order of the Knights of Wine – a table for Slovenian Istria and Karst. This will be followed by speeches by the Slovenian wine queen Ana Protner and the wine queen of Slovenian Istria Nika Glavina. The entertainment program will be marked by Rudi Bučar, Ensemble Skrivnost and Duo Zemljotres.

You are cordially invited to have a good time with good wine and great music as in the past. See you in Marezige!