19:30 CTA GORICA (It) / LG Zapik: Račka Olivija gre v svet (Olivia the duck goes to the world), puppets 2+
20:15: Urana Marchesini: Urana iz drugega planeta (Urana from another planet), acrobatic performance for the whole audience

Račka Olivija gre v svet (Olivia the Duck Goes to the World)
Directed by Jelena Sitar Cvetko, Set Designer: Maria de Fornasari
Urška Cvetko

The world is a gift, actually it’s a big pile of gifts! As we open one after another, we are surprised, excited, sometimes delighted, sometimes disappointed and angry… just like little Olivia the duck, who is a gift herself. Like everyone who comes into this world and starts to know it.
The children follow her from morning till night. They rejoice in her big little victories, they marvel and delight with her, and when she fails, they get angry and have fun with her. Instead of a meadow of blocks, a pond in a lair, boxes to fall asleep in or to be transported around, it could be anything, because the world is “one big thing”.
But it all only makes sense if we can share all our adventures with someone. For example, with a green frog… The show is based on Altan, the famous Italian cartoonist of comics and cartoons for children.

Urana Marchesini (Italy), actress, clown, acrobatic circus/theatre artist, has a 10-year competitive gymnastics and theatre background and has also trained in circus arts, storytelling and commedia dell’arte.