When the little girl Živa is in the forest looking for healing wild honey for her sick brother, she wanders into a bear’s den, hungry and thirsty, where she falls asleep exhausted. When Milko the bear returns home and realises that his unannounced guest has drunk his raspberry juice and eaten his sweet pear, he decides to punish Živa cruelly: he will not let her go home until she has cleaned his house.

Živa, who doesn’t even clean her house, let alone when she visits, suggests that she should make him a magic potion instead, since she has noticed that Milko the bear can’t pronounce the letter r. She will therefore redeem herself by making a magic potion that will finally help him learn to say the letter r. Therefore, she is going to make up for it by making a magic potion for him.

And then they cook and stir and concoct a magic word for Milko the bear, but Milko can’t even use it because he can’t pronounce it. How will they solve this conundrum?

And can Milko the bear help Živa too? Because Živa is very, very afraid of the dark… Why not? When we turn from adversaries into friends, almost anything is possible. And with the right magic word, everything.