Join us on an unforgettable musical journey with HeaveniX, the story of two bands that left an indelible mark on Slovenian music history. This year, the group, which brings together the exceptional talents of musicians, will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary. Today’s HeaveniX, consisting of Boštjan Andrejc – Bushy (guitar, vocals), Rok Golob (keyboards, guitar), Patrick Vlačič (bass) and David Morgan (drums), are masters of their craft and have proven to be key players in the background of the Slovenian music scene.

The musicians, who have often ‘lent’ their musical skills as soloists or backing band members, have recorded numerous albums with various artists, both local and foreign, and have participated in various projects and bands. Despite their long-standing activity, they have only recently developed their own original music, with the addition of Rok to the group.

Their musical path is intertwined with diverse experiences, but they still keep it fresh and innovative. Songs such as “Luna na Licu, “H2O,” ” En problem,” ” “Adrenalin” and “Nov nor čas,” are just a few of the gems you’ll be able to experience live.

Don’t miss your chance for an unforgettable musical experience!


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