Play influences children’s physical and mental development, the acquisition of experience and knowledge, their emotional life and, especially in the pre-school years, plays an irreplaceable role in the overall development of a child’s personality. It is therefore important for the child to have enough didactic toys to give them the opportunity to learn a particular skill. Many parents, convinced that they are giving their children the best, resort to expensive toys, including electronic toys, and are even convinced that their child’s knowledge of computer games and didactic applications is crucial for his or her development and subsequent career skills.

Although a good toy has to meet many requirements, the most expensive toy does not necessarily mean the best. Simple toys that are “completed” in the child’s imagination, or those that are made from other objects, are often the best, and this is what the play ‘Barčica’ is all about.

The framework of the interactive performance consists of a musical set of Slovenian folk songs, which are linked into a story by a connecting dialogue between the protagonists with the message that children’s play does not require expensive toys, much less smartphones and computer tablets. The two characters –  Katarina Barbara and Marko – revive various everyday, “ordinary”,  worn-out objects in their play, thus breathing new life into them and creating  the characters and the setting of children’s songs. As these are songs that most children know well (Barčica po morju plava, Čuk se je oženil, etc.), the children will also have the opportunity to sing the songs with the actors, learn a new or  an older, long-forgotten Slovenian word (sova na vereji – owl on the stake), which the actors will also explain to the children.


Renata Vidič
Adaptations and music by
Mirko Vuksanović
Set designer
Milan Percan, Renata Vidič
Costume designer
Anja Ukovič
* * *
Played by
Vanja Korenč, Matic Valič



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