Master Mix is a group of DJs and entertainers. It brings together all lovers of the music that has attracted all generations to the dance floors of the best discos in Koper, Izola, Portorož, Piran, Ankaran, Nova Gorica, Trieste and elsewhere in the 70s, 80s, 90s and after 2000.

Do you still remember the Tam Tam, the Bau Bau, the Belveder (later Black&White), the Tivoli, the Arcadia, the Geto 27, the Camel Club (later Osare Club), the Aperitiv bar, which became The Club,  the Adria, the Raptus and the Baracuda in Ankaran, the Odeon in Gorizia, the Capanin, etc?

Master mix are: Aleš Pelicon – DJ Alex Dee Groove, Elvis Poniš – DJ Elvis, and MC/ART Mirella Baruca.

They enjoy working with everyone who loves music and dancing and they allways organise dance events, full of positive atmosphere. They play music from vinyl records, but  use modern technology as well.

You will have fun with them. And they with you.