On Thursday, 7 December, the popular Istrian group Semikantá will perform in  Taverna.

Klapa Semikantá offers Dalmatian melos from the Istrian gorges.

Klapa Semikantá was founded in 2011 in Slovenian Istria. Its name means ‘I feel like singing’ in the local dialect. The group consists of several generations, all united by the joy of singing and socialising. Their repertoire consists mainly of Dalmatian compositions, ranging from traditional to more complex ones, arranged by group member Davorin Lovrečič. They also love singing Istrian and Slovenian folk songs. In recent years, they have also created some original music. In 2018, the group performed at the Melodije morja in sonca festival with the song Tvoja lepota, winning third place.