Feminisms are a diverse collection of gender studies of social theories, political movements, moral philosophies, ‘feminist epistemologies and research approaches’ largely motivated by women’s experiences, especially in social, political and economic contexts. As a social movement, feminism primarily focuses on reducing and eliminating gender inequalities and promoting women’s rights, interests and concerns in society.

In modern times, feminism is increasingly becoming a taboo subject, and it is increasingly fashionable and unproblematic to declare oneself as a non-feminist. The difficulties in understanding feminisms are the vastness and undefined nature of the movement and, above all, the ignorance of the basic theoretical premises.
What are feminisms? Feminism in the workplace, activism of the emotions, public perception of feminism, etc. are the topics that will be addressed in this talk.


Dr Renata Šribar, Dr Mirjam Hladnik Milharčič, Lea Culetto and Dr Lev Kreft will discuss feminisms and types of feminisms.

The discussion will be moderated by Borut Jerman.

The author of the artwork is Samira Kentrić for the exhibition Vizije*Visioni.