The local Samodajefešta team (SDJF) gained attention in 2002 with their first public event.

Over the past 21 years, the eleven-member ensemble has produced numerous unforgettable events featuring both local and international guests. They have selflessly shared their passion for dance rhythms. People of all ages have danced at Yellow Night events held at various venues, such as the Kardelj Platform (SDJF In The City), where over 4,000 people danced; the iconic former Arcadia, now a gambling hall/casino; and the once largest and most famous venue in the region, the Ambasada Gavioli.

On 25 December, after 21 years, Samodajefešta will bid farewell to their fans and friends at ‘THE LAST WALTZ’ event. The event will take place in an event tent behind the Bonifika Olympic swimming pool in Koper.


Pre -sale: 21 € <<<<<<<
At the gate: 28 €
With a flyer: 25€
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